Press: Sam Heughan nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award

Congratulations are in order to Sam and Caitriona for both getting Critic Choice Award nominations as best actor and best actress. We hope Sam and Cait will be in attendance at the event so we can see some great photos of them!

3 Comments on “Press: Sam Heughan nominated for a Critic’s Choice Award”

  1. My previous comment of THANKS was for Mr. Heughan, new Bloodwise Pres. With his & Scotland’s gallant efforts against the battle of(blood) cancers!

  2. Mr. H deserves appreciation for so much of making this world a BETTER place to Live…… Along with his amazing Art of Acting – Emmies, Peoples Choice, Critics Choice, Baftas etc. May he keep going strong & as I hope I’ve said hundreds of times….. Be Blessed with all the truly GOOD things in Life. As usual ; T in ——o.

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