Press/Photos/Video: San Diego Comic Con – Master Post

I will be adding all the videos and photos of Sam from San Diego Comic Con in this post throughout the weekend so it’s all in one location. If you are interested in seeing Caitriona’s coverage from SDCC, visit I do want to say thanks to Alikat, Claudia, Mary, and FFA for a few of the photos.

Click Below For Videos!


It's complicated. ?#Outlander #CatrionaBalfe #SamHeughan #TobiasMenzies #EWComicCon #SDCC #ComicCon

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#Outlander stars #TobiasMenzies @sophie.skelton @caitrionabalfe @samheughan at the #SDCCTVI suite making pretty pictures!

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  1. I like Outlander,the dvds,the 8 books I’v read all of them. when I read ,it’s not the faces I see,it’s impresstions,like Jamie he love Claire so much,die for her,he’s kind,but yet agressive when he has to be.Same with Claire full of wisddom,kind,gentle,but can be agressive ! and love Jamie with her whole heart. I like all the actors,actresses,most of all I like Sam,Cait. I want to be a goog fan!

  2. Sam,talks about blood drive for cancer!I had three close friends die of it helped take care of one,until she died,sat with one friend telling me he was afraid of the darkness,my other friend she choked to death!,I can’t give blood,I have liver problems,my heart breaks,I don’t have the money to give!

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