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Press: Outlander Starz wants to know YOUR story!

Longing for a lost love, friend, or family member? How does Outlander relate to your lost love, friend, or family member? Tell your story at – Outlander Starz

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1 Comment on “Press: Outlander Starz wants to know YOUR story!

  1. The Outlander show connected with my story in many ways. I too have lost a true love. Titanic was pretty close as well I have to say, for he was to me what Jack was to Rose. He taught me to spread my wings and fly, he taught me to be free and always follow my dreams, he made me transform from a girl to a woman, to be who I am and to be my best self. He saved me, in many ways, just like Jack saved Rose in many ways. But the Outlander brings out different parts of our story. I have too lived in three different countries now, so I can sympathize with Jamie and Clare trying to make a home some place else. Home is home and home is the best place to be and I cannot wait for the day when I can return to mine. The separation of two people over time, longing for each other so deeply, yet unable to be together…that’s what got me. The passion and deep love between each other when they were together was only multiplied when apart. I got to see my love after he passed, when I was in coma for two days, but I was not allowed to stay, it wasn’t my time yet. At the time I was so mad, but I understand, I have things I have to do here still. Time really has no meaning. And even when apart, two people who love each other truly, never are. No matter how hard it is to not be able to be in the arms of my beloved, I am grateful I am able to say I have this experience, for many will never know what it is really like. To love another with your whole heart and soul and be loved as well in return. And just like Clare saw a bird and thought of Jamie, every time I am very alone missing him terribly, he sends me little signs. Thank you for playing both characters so beautifully, having me escape into the most treasured moments of my life. May you both experience in this life time what it is like to have a love like that. And like Rose would say …. I don’t even have a picture of him … but after 25 years I can still picture him perfectly and know what he feels like.
    You also wanted to know if people try to reconnect. He had a three year old daughter and we recently connected over facebook and talking to her, she told me people never talked about her father much, so she doesn’t know much about him. She was very happy and so thankful for all I have told her. who he was, how he was, how much he loved her. SO. Always reach out to people. If you have an urge, your gut is telling you to do something, don’t let it pass and take action. DOn’t pass on opportunities to connect with someone. You never know where it will lead you.

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